There be Dragons up there… And other Flywheels..

“Stop dragon spotting and go and the lard..”
“Dragons, being territorial is both true and not M’Boy, some are rangers, others find their hoard and sit tight over their spoils. I suppose its a temperament thing…”

“The view back at the Fortified Palace of Thurgil, what you can’t see here though is the front lines of battle in the valley below the clouds. That day, the glorious 54th Toshcant Dragoons fell to the heavy guns of the Toumon artillery in an action described as “daring, but foolish…” And we got sunburned up a mountain…”

“No, not the biggest flywheel we saw up that mountain, some where bigger but the roads where better, how they rolled it all the way up that goat track I’ll never fathom. Or for that matter why…”

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